Material Guide

Material Fabric Guides For Blankets, Throws, Comforters, and Bed Spreads

Here at Home Soft Things we only carry the best quality of bedding and throws, but there are many types of fabrics and materials it is hard to pin point what people are looking for. We have established a guide for anyone to use to find the exact type of blanket or throw needed or wanted. It lists out the pros and cons of each item and how they feel for texture as well as warmth.


Cotton is the number one choice among people for bedding especially in areas with a changing environment. Cotton breathes easier than most synthetic fibers so it reduces being uncomfortable so you are neither too hot or too cold. Cotton also is much easier to wash out odors and other odor causing fungus. Very easy to care for all around it can be washed in any type of detergents and cleaners and if quality made can last a lifetime with superior durability. 

Over all cotton is usually more expensive but in the long run will be more affordable. The softness will always be there if the correct fabric softener is used and reduces wear and tear if treated correctly. 

faux-fur-blankets-mat.jpgFaux Fur or Fake Fur

Faux Fur is made to be just like fur without taking from actual animals. Faux Fur is light weight and usually softer than regular fur, every end is cut to a point which means when you feel the Fake Fur it feels much more soft and silky. Real fur is much warmer but lacks the super softness, the reason why is under a microscope you will see real fur hooks at the tips, versus Faux fur is a straight needle.

Faux Fur is made of synthetic fibers woven and bundled together specifically designed to mimic real fur. It is very cozy warm and most people use Faux Fur as a texture to accent Home Decor. 

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There are many types of flannel fabrics and it is dependent on the quality of fabric and how it is woven or knitted. The great thing about flannel fabrics is that the construction can allow the fabric to get softer and softer on additional every wash. Flannel can be Plush, Rugged, Smooth, or Rough. But the one thing that Flannel does it insulates heat very well and is not easy to destroy.

Flannel can be made of Micro Fiber, Polyester and Cotton. 


Made of micro fine fibers of polyester and unlike cotton is much more affordable. Unlike cotton it breathes much less than cotton but is more a preference since the less breathable it is, the more warmth can be gathered. It is much harder to shop for good quality microfiber materials since it depends on the manufacturer and quality, you can measure microfiber by the GSM but it is still very hard to tell without actually seeing the product in person.

Microfiber is a great material and is found in most bed sheets, flannels, and Faux furs here at Home Soft Things we only carry the highest quality of Microfiber fabrics. 


Satin is a beautiful type of fabric, it is extremely shiny and smooth. Satin is a very elegant fabric and also holds some very interesting health benefits for skin and hair. Many people love stain because of the shine whether it is plain flat or quilted patterned the finish shine is what draws people's attention.

Satin has very good skin and hair benefits. The material is non-absorbent so it does not suck out the moisture from your skin and hair like cotton does, which means that your hair and skin will retain its moisture. Satin also does not catch and tangle hair like other fabrics the smooth surface allows hair to flow instead of kink and will save your hair from pulling from the scalp. 


Nicknamed from the people of the Himalaya and worn by the Tibeton people this is a fabric with a thick pile that insulates heat immediately and developed specifically for the service of warmth. Sherpa can be made from real wool or from microfiber synthetic fibers. Microfiber Sherpa is usually very soft and fluffy, it is much heavier than regular plush padded items. The major pros and cons between real Sherpa and polyester Sherpa is that real Sherpa is much warmer to hot but not as soft and Microfiber polyester Sherpa is not as warm but much more soft.