Secure Shopping

Home Soft Things offers the highest security for our customers When you order with us online, here are several features that we offer to insure that your information is safe and secure.

Bank vault security

BNF Home Inc. is hosted on lightning-fast SAS 70 Type II certified servers. The data center employs hacker deterrent security provisioning, three redundant network architectures and hardware firewalls. This means not only are you getting a great quick shopping experience, but also all of the data submitted is kept safe with multiple protective barriers.

Level 1 PCI compliance protects your store from hackers

Home Soft Things information stores are automatically PCI compliant, and the entire secure network is independently audited against stringent PCI security standards every three months. The system is so safe that the platform is featured on both Visa and Mastercard's lists of PCI-compliant providers. The active scanning across the whole network makes sure that when a hacker tried to hack the network the live finds the source quickly and effectively take it out or cancel it. Your credit card numbers are also expunged and deleted after a 30-day period and never seen by our basic level staff members.

SSL certificates

We have the highest level of SSL Certificates available. This secures the store's online checkout process with our own SSL certificate so that all of our users can purchase with confidence.

24x7x365 monitoring

As well as a dedicated security team that monitors our online store every second, we have a world-class support team. This team’s sole job is to actively grow with industry technology and prevent any of our web store security breaches.


At Home soft things, you can shop with confidence not only is our hardware and software inside of our website completely security tight but all of your data is kept private and guarded.

Credit Card Authorization/Charge

We understand that in a world where cybercrime is growing we use Authorize.NET as our gateway provider with added security and authorizing charging station.