How to use the HST Site

Using Home Soft Things website is quick and easy, we have multiple ways of getting you to the products you need most. We are always advancing our website to make your experience a better one so if you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to let us know what you would like to see on the HST website. You can email us at for any information or suggestions you would like to share.

Once you have reached the front page of home soft things at we make it easy to see all of our new items, sale items, and clearance items all stacked across the body of the page itself. Each one of these images are clickable and will bring you to the specific sales items or information page that pertains to that image, banner, or note.

Add Your Own Account:

You can sign up for your own account here once you filled out the required information for your own account you can now shop more quickly and easily. By adding an account you will receive great benefits such as quicker check out orders, promotional items, and a first look at all of our new items.

Navigation Bar:

You can browse our site by our categories at the top of the page, point your mouse arrow across the top and a “rollover” box will pop out showing you the categories of each named group. This is called our top navigation bar, where ever you go on our website the navigation bar at the top will never change. You can now click any of the text to bring you to that direct product page or a section page including all of the products inside of one category for example if you click on the bed sheets text link it will bring you a page with multiple bed sheets styles and colors.

Search Bar:

Another great way to find an item is to use our search on the left side of the page near the middle, there is a box labeled search and you can enter any text into the box to retrieve products you are searching for. This is great if you are looking for a specific item such as “Red comforters”, “bed sets”, or even “zebra print”. Enter the words and the return search will give you the best results starting from the top of the search results page and slowly less detailed toward the bottom. This makes looking for exact items very quick and easy.

Footer Bar:

The footer is the bottom of the page, the large bar containing company information, customer service, and Frequently Asked Question or FAQ text links. The footer bar never changes from page to page and is a static part of our website. The footer bar is used to find out information about our company, customer service or order status, or to learn more about the great products we offer on our website.

Use this bar anytime you have a great question for our customer service staff or if you just need some help finding out how to measure your bed and/or product guide help.

Adding a Product to a Shopping Cart:

Adding a product to a shopping cart is made extremely easy. Once you find an item you want click the add to cart button to the right of the page, many of our products have different sizes and colors and you may need to select the color from our colors swatch and then select the size in our pull down options. Once you have made the proper options selections you can enter in the quantity needed then click add to cart which will place the item in your virtual shopping basket. To review what is in your virtual shopping cart you may click the shopping bag text link at the upper right hand corner of this website to review what you have selected. 

When selecting your product there are many other additional selections at the bottom of the page that are related items or affiliated items on the same page that will increase your user experience with our website.

Share with Us:

We offer a share button across our whole website, either on the bottom left corner of every page or you can use the share button that is near the add to cart button on the product page. You can now share this product with all of your friends, or family. Let them know what you just purchased from us or let people know that this item is on your wish list. We use all the best common social media products.