Our Guarantee

Customer Service Guarantee

Our staff always offers our customers the best shopping experience. Our pledge to our customers comes ahead of anything else. If you have any problems with products we sell, our website or our customer service team, please email us and let us know. We’re always there to accept your advice to make ourselves better and better in our field. Call us anytime: we are here to help at (Toll Free) - (844) 381-0111 or email us at info@bnfhomeinc.com.

Shipping Guarantee

Our shipping staff is very instant and will go the extra miles to make sure that all of your items will be placed in the shipping packaging safely and correctly. We inspect each product leaving our warehouse as if it were going on a voyage to our own home. The products going out are just as important as the new products coming in and if you have any problem with an order being shipped, you should call us at 1-(Toll Free) - (844) 381-0111 or email us at info@bnfhomeinc.com immediately. We only use the top notch services of FedEx, UPS, and USPS and the best part is you get to pick your provider of your choice at check out.

Shopping Guarantee

Our store has coordinated grueling efforts of designers, developers, and engineers. And we believe we have developed an online store that is quick and user-friendly. We prioritize user experience as the most important part in our business and then you will let your friends and family know that we are here for your personalized shopping of textile, bedding, comforters, bed sheets, and more about home decor.

Rate Us

Every product you purchase here has a rating area. If you think your user experience is great and you really enjoy the product that you purchase, then please rate us on our site and let other people know how great our products are. Also do not forget to let people know about your experience with Home Soft Things because that is the most important part for us. You can also send us testimonials if you feel you have an awesome experience with Home Soft things, you can email any testimonial to info@bnfhomeinc.com.