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Faux Fur (Fake Fur)

Faux Fur

What is Faux Fur?

Faux Fur or Fake Fur is a material fabric made of synthetic fibers that is designed to look and feel like fur. Faux fur can be used for any clothing apparel and in our case we use it for Blankets, Bed Spreads and Throws. There are many reasons to use Faux Fur over real fur but one of the biggest reasons is that Faux Fur is not derived from real animals. Which means no animals have been harmed in the making of Faux Fur. In fact most of the time Faux Fur is softer than Real fur the reason why is the the straightness of each follicle fiber and and if you could look under a microscope you could see at the tips the Faux fur is cut into a blade and looks like a piece of grass where real fur looks like a hook at the tip.

Why Use Faux Fur?

Real fur is much warmer than Faux Fur because of the natural design and having a hide still attached but Faux Fur is still very warm and can be weaved or knitted into many items that are close to the same warmth or heat. Most people will be more comfortable in Faux Fur.

animal-print-faux-fur.jpgAdvantages of using Faux Fur:

  • Does not come from real animals
  • Easy to mend together and sew
  • Does not encourage the over breeding of animals
  • Does not require cold storage for degradation
  • Can be washed or cleaned by regular means or dry clean


  • If not processed correctly it can use toxic blends to the environment
  • Not as warm as real fur and should not be used in zero degree weather
  • Will always shed a little, fabric will decide how much shedding it will produce (all Faux Furs Shed! No such thing as a completely shed-less Faux Fur)