12 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home For Spring | Home Soft Things

12 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home For Spring | Home Soft Things

Spring fills our hearts with pure joy and a sense of renewal. After months of dreary and chilly days, we are eager to bring new life into our homes and embrace the contagious energy of the season. Don't know where to begin? No worries! We've got 12 simple and easy ways to infuse your space with spring's vibrant spirit, inside and out. So let's get excited and refresh our surroundings without any major overhauls.


Add A Splash Of Color

Spring is a time of regeneration and renewal on the outside, so attempt to replicate this in your home. While dark and deep colors were appropriate in the winter, it's time to replace them with pastels or even bright neons. Swapping out an area rug with something brighter is a simple way to add a splash of color.

Heavy Faux Fur Rug

Heavy Faux Fur Rug


Use Flowers Or Plants To Decorate

An arrangement of fresh flowers or plants is one of the simplest ways to refresh any environment. Take advantage of all the flowers at your local food store, from daffodils and tulips to eucalyptus and hyacinth sprigs. Fresh flower decorating is simple and may be done in any space of your home.


Make Use of Lighter Fabrics

Replace heavy faux fur throws and cable knit blankets with lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen. Layering whites and soft colors can be a nice way to give a splash of color while remaining neutral in your room.


Add Some Greenery To Your Surroundings

When the air becomes sharp and the daylight diminishes, it can be difficult to keep plants alive. Replace any houseplants that have died due to the cold weather with new greenery. Make sure to choose the proper plants for your lighting before you buy to ensure they thrive until next spring.


Repaint A Room

Consider repainting a room for a quick and easy makeover. Choose colors that are bright and inviting to get the most out of the new season.


Replace Throw Pillows

Searching for a quick improvement that you can complete in an afternoon? Replace throw pillows and blankets throughout your home for a quick and easy update. Whether you choose vibrant throw pillows or something more neutral, changing out textiles is a terrific way to make a room feel fresh.

Faux Fur 4 Piece Decorative Pillow Covers

Faux Fur 4 Piece Decorative Pillow Covers


Replace Candles With New Scents

If you decorate your home with gingerbread and pumpkin-scented candles throughout the holidays, it's time to replace those candles with something a little more spring-like. Use flower or citrus candles to brighten up any room in your home. Alternatively, if you’re sensitive to scented candles, unscented candles in pastel colors can add a bright touch to your home without irritation.


Adding Some Baskets

It's that time of year again for spring cleaning. Adding a basket or is an excellent method to decrease clutter while also changing up the style. A gorgeous woven basket is the ideal accessory for storing everything from throw blankets to dog toys and plush animals while remaining elegant and chic.


Refresh Your Patio Decor

You don't need to completely renovate your patio to prepare it for the warmer weather. Just replace a chair or side table with something new and exciting.


Change Your Art

Remodeling your entire gallery wall is definitely too much work. Yet, switching a few pieces of art throughout your home is an excellent method to keep the rooms feeling new and current.

Square Simetris Wall Decor

Square Simetris Wall Decor


Purchase New Tableware

Another simple springtime alteration you may make in your house is in the kitchen. Save a set of lightweight dishes and cups to rotate as the seasons change. Brightly colored accessories combined with neutral dishes and bowls are ideal for the warmer months.


Replace Your Shower Curtain

Replacing your shower curtain is a quick and easy technique to give the impression that you've renovated your complete bathroom. Choose a light and bright style that complements your existing decor and fixtures.