Bedroom Ideas That Are the Very Definition of Beauty Sleep | Home Soft Things

Bedroom Ideas That Are the Very Definition of Beauty Sleep | Home Soft Things

After a long, tiring day, nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a cozy bed for some well-deserved shut-eye. And what better way to do so than in a bedroom that's simply breathtaking? Your personal style can shine through in every detail, from the color of your walls to the type of bed frame and nightstand you choose. We're here to provide some serious design inspo that'll have you jumping for joy. Get ready for some seriously restful nights ahead!

Mix Geometries

A simple square, triangle, or diamond can sometimes make the most interior impression.

A bronze chandelier, silk drapes and a multicolored patterned spread are just some ideas to mix geometrical forms in your bedroom.

Chelsea 6 Piece Printed Microfiber Quilt Set

Chelsea 6 Piece Printed Microfiber Quilt Set


Go For The Gold

Bedrooms are a haven above all else, therefore peace and quiet should reign supreme. Choosing gold details in your bedroom decorations can add a tranquil yet luxurious feel to your bedroom without turning it into a loud and messy environment.

Jacquard Faux Fur Round Ottoman

Jacquard Faux Fur Round Ottoman



This sort of room design may be too overwhelming for some, but if you have a favorite pattern, it may be a good idea to match the bedspread with the curtains, pillows and valance.

Personalize It

Sometimes nothing but a bespoke headboard, or colorful ottoman can suffice. If you have a specific design in mind, you can always get it custom made to match your exact specifications.

Ways To Have Fun With Fabrics

Fabrics can take center stage in your bedroom. A mint-green curtain could complement a purple bedding and give your room a mature atmosphere. On the other hand, pink bedspreads and canopies can lend a playful feel to a children’s bedroom.

Remain Simple

Rather than going overboard with design, your bedroom could be neutral in design and color. Sometimes the simplest design is the most effective. Try adding a splash of color via artwork in a neutral room for an elegant look.

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4 Piece Blackout Curtain Set


Extensive Tapestry

A tapestry is an excellent alternative to artwork over the bed if you're concerned about something collapsing in the middle of the night.

Color Combinations

Bright, vibrant colors are appealing, but they are not for everyone. Those looking for a more relaxed aesthetic will appreciate more cool tones like a cool blue or purple.

Play With Purple

How about combining lavender with orange and natural light from the great outdoors to create a classic-yet-modern look.