7 Ways To Use Curtains That *DON'T* Involve Windows | Home Soft Things

7 Ways To Use Curtains That *DON'T* Involve Windows | Home Soft Things

Have you considered using curtains or drapes to jazz up your space? They can really add some flair, especially if you have big windows. Don’t have large windows or an open space, don’t worry, there's so much more you can do with them to enhance your home. Whether you want to add some texture to your walls or create defined areas in a spacious room, the possibilities are endless. Check out these awesome designing tips to take your curtains to the next level.


Use Them As Wall Decor

You can use a curtain with a special fabric to give one wall in your room or even your balcony a playful look. This was a weather-friendly substitute for conventional wallpaper.


Convert One Space Into Two

You can easily transform an open concept into a separate space. This could be an open concept living and dining room, a kid’s room or any other room in the house. These rooms can clearly be separated yet visually connected by using drapes.


Construct a Canopy Bed

You can easily create a canopy bed made of light, white curtains to give a bedroom a light, and airy feel. This also adds additional privacy in the bedroom and works for kids bedrooms as well.


Give Art A Textual Background

In order to provide a moodier and bolder backdrop for your art pieces or paintings, you can easily use curtains as backdrops to create some more depth.


Secret Storage

Whether you utilize curtains or drapes to hide a closet, or find some other creative ways to create secret storage areas, curtains work perfectly to create these little spaces in your home.


Create A Shaded Patio

You can create a classic home's patio shape with long curtain panels that can be drawn or tied back depending on the light.


Make A Bed Nook Out Of A Closet

Forget a California king; A little nook bedroom demonstrates that sometimes, less is better, especially when the bed is enclosed by stylish striped drapes.


Now that you know of 7 ways curtains can enhance your home, view our Home Soft Things collection of stylish curtains.