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How to Shop for Summer Home Decor & Bedding


Changing a home to Summer Color can be fun, easy, and simple.

Imagine a beach during the summer with white sands, clear light blue sky, sunshine off the water, with surrounding brightness. There is a specific pattern that will come into picture.

All the imagery felt all are light colors, no deep shades or heavy accents.

This makes is very easy to transform a Home ambiance to a summer time pattern. Now select a color favorite and whisk away the deep radiance into a light spectrum and this will help anyone develop a Home Decor that is Summer color specific. This theory also take away from some base colors that many people use in a home on a regular bases such as Blacks, Greys, Browns, and greens.

Start with any color of choice and increase the brightness by fifty-percent and for each room or living space select only 2 or three colors. To accent a summer time room in darker colors use a lighter color picked and use an accent darker shade of the color so that it does not stand out as an eye sore or use very light outlines such as pin-stripes or shadings.

Unless the home canvas is already saturated with furniture of dark woods, modern black fixtures, and heavy dark tiled floors expanding a home into a year round summer time feel is easy.

luxury-blanket-lilac.jpgGreat summer time colors are:

Light Greens (Lime, Neon)
Light Blue (Sky Blue, Baltic)
Light purple or light Violet
Pink (Hot, Neon)

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