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Custom Print Blankets

Save your own Memories on your own Personalized Printed Blankets

Ever want to save a photo memory forever?Well Home Soft Things can help with that! We offer high quality printed blankets that are made of natural cotton and use almost any photo you can submit.

We only print on high quality cotton and we guarantee the quality will be 10 times better than any other iron-on machines or standard printing. We use a high quality ink that once the cotton textile has been printed the vibrant details and colors from the photo image provided will look like you are staring at the actual photo itself. We only offer the best in picture quality and clarity that you can sleep in.

We can print your picture in all bed sizes and you can choose how you want the blanket to be printed.

If you would like to see the quality in the material and print you may request a sample by filling out the form below. Or you can email us your name and address to

Why use Home Soft Things Custom Printed Blankets:

  • Home Soft Things only prints on the highest quality of soft plush cotton.
  • The ink used is reactive and the item is pre-washed which brings out the color and detail.
  • You can print on just about any standard size blanket from full to California king.
  • Very reliable and quick responding staff that can help you with all of your needs and answer all of your questions.
  • No extra/added on charges we offer one price for the printed blanket.
  • Limited to:

We do not print any registered trademark image such as Professional Sports Logos, Disney Characters, Comic Book Super Heroes, or Business signs that are not your own.

  • Nude photos of any type.
  • Movie, TV Show, slides.
  • Graphic violence
  • Pictures of famous people unless you are them.
  • We reserve the rights to decline any image we feel is harmful.

How this works:

  • Place your order for a custom cotton personalized blanket with the bed size needed. We will only charge sale 30% of the credit card authorized amount to start the process. Once the process is finished we will contact you before shipping and charge the final amount once it has been packaged.
  • Send the photo or photos of the ones you would like to use to, the larger the photo the better quality of print. The highest quality setting on most digital cameras are usually adequate enough.
  • Photos must be in standard formats such as .JPG, .EPS, .AI, .Tiff
  • We will confirm everything by email that the image came in correctly and someone will guide you as to where the image will be placed or any other factors that may come up.
  • Once everything is confirmed we will start the custom order and it generally takes up to 15 business days for the product to be finished (remember we have to print and heat wash it for the reactive ink that gives you the excellent bright colors and heavy details).
  • As soon as we confirm the quality we ship your order directly to your door.

Great Ideas for a Custom Blanket

  • Wedding, Anniversary, or other special occasions.
  • Family and Friends portraits.
  • Your own art designs you can create any image or use a great photo you took yourself.
  • Pets and animals that are special to you.
  • Family or friends occasions such as sports, reunions, parties.
  • Baby pictures.

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