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Colleen Air Brushed Faux Fur Throws

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Air brushed texture and look, the 60 inch by 70 inch over sized Faux Fur Colleen edition throw blanket is super soft and has an original unique texture. The Air Brushed Texture is much like a feathered pattern like a birds wing with a very light weight fur design. Each one is made of super soft and strong microfiber polyester and feels like real fur and will not shed like other Faux fur materials. 

The high end Faux fur is super furry and soft and on the other side the Sherpa that will keep you warm and cozy through out any quick nap or chilly night lounge. Use this throw to pull over your couch as extra protection or an easy upgrade to a room home decoration. Light weight and can be transported easily around the home and small enough to store any where. Throw blankets are for a quick cover, to warm up the body without pulling around a large blanket and are meant to keep medium warmth in bed or your favorite lounge chair. 

  • Super soft and furry Faux fur on the top for vibrant color and texture
  • Reverse back side of the throw is mini-microfiber sherpa that keeps the body warm and toasty
  • Over sized throw 60 inches by 70 inches
  • Colors: Beige, Burgundy, Purple, Baltic Blue, Amphora, Aurora Pink, Dark Dirton, and Lemon Curry.
  • 100% Microfiber Polyester Super Soft Faux Fur
  • Knitted
  • Machine Wash separately, Tumble Dry Low, Do not Bleach
  • Dry Clean for best results

Product Q&A

Does this Shed?

No! This Faux fur may shed a little coming out of the Retail Packaging but after a quick shake or wash this Faux fur blanket is super soft and super sturdy and will never shed at all. Unless a pet is involved that enjoys scratching up blankets, then that is more of a user error.

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