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Home Soft Things Gives New Way of Shopping for Bedding

Posted by Key on

Home Soft things has opened up the online store and ready for buyers. There is now one large factory warehouse located in Ontario, California (in the United States, NOT Canada) and has developed a complete online retail store. 

Home Soft Things gives a different way of shopping, instead of the traditional Bed in a Bag Bedding, or complete bed sets Home Soft Things give the ability to create a custom bed set, mix and match pillows, blankets, shams, bed sheets, and even add throw blankets. Decorate a bedroom in style, make the bed a centerpiece. 

This does not effect the pricing of the whole bed set, the goal is for people to develop a bed set that they feel comfortable in, and proud to create while offering the same low price as if they purchased a complete bed set in a bag. The problem with bed in a bag sets is they are manufactured to be bland sets and sold to large retail stores and chains in a complete bundle which reduces the amount of loose products or to much much to the imagination. Now Home Soft Things breaks that mold so that any customer can choose their colors to their liking. 

Home Soft Things also sells comforter Bed in a Bag options but wouldn't you rather create a bed set that represents you?