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Beautiful Super Soft Plush Mystique Throw Blankets

Posted by Key on

Home Soft Things has brought in a brand new Throw Blanket that is super soft and plush, one of the best throws in the entire store is the Mystique Throw Blankets

The Mystique is double sided flannel and there are no rough stitching on the back, since it is double stitching is it ultra fluffy on both sides as well as ultra soft. Both side of the throw blanket feel exactly the same and overwhelmingly warm. Wrap a body in this delicious fun goodness and allow the blanket to take you on a journey of warmth and relaxation. With proper care this blanket will last a lifetime and the ultra durable polyester microfiber material gets softer and softer on every additional wash. 

The Mystique pattern is stylish and soothing a repeat twisted line melded with an accent color on a white background. The reverse side is a complete solid color a reverse color background. This blanket is reversible as and can be used on either side unlike most throw blankets that have a show side and a comfort use side. This Throw comes in 4 beautiful colors of Pink, Purple, Light Blue, and Dark Blue. Great for throwing over a couch or a foot of a bed for added accent color decoration. 

Perfectly priced and under 20 dollars plus shipping this throw is a steal. The manufacturing suggested retail price is 49.99, so the HST price is a steal compared to local or other online retailers. Click Here to see this blanket now!