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SMOOTH ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO DESK TOP! Enjoy the use of pure green furniture. Produced without any chemical pollution! No pesticides or fertilizers are used in the growing process to ensure no toxic residues are left over for safe use. During the finalizing process, no chemical dyes or stains are used which administers a unique, natural grain that’s smooth and cool to the touch. Bamboo is a Fast -growing renewable wood resource and matures in only 5 years, making it astonishingly sustainable.

You can see texture grain on this table top clearly and give a real modern or traditional style to any desk bottom.

Use the pre-existing pre-dripped holes to install on the BOON Electric Adjustable height desk frame chassis, or use your own leg frames to mount this phenomenal top on.

DURABILITY AT IT’S FINEST! Bamboo, is sturdy and tough, does not break or scratch easily. Bamboo fibers are so strong and flexible that it literally adapts to the weight of the object placed on it. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and maintains its shape since it does not react drastically to moisture. With the absence of moisture absorption, you can prevent swelling, mildew, rotting, and insect infestation.

LIMITED WARRANTY! 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty, 2 Year Guarantee Manufacturer

  • 60" Wide and 30" Inches Deep
  • Table top is durable and super smooth
  • 3-D aesthetic look wood grain top view
  • Made of all-natural wood and is considered Green
  • Works Great with the BOON Living Electronic Height Adjustable Desk (Pre-Drilled Pilot holes already existing on bottom)
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